João Elias Alvares da Silva started doing theater in Porto Alegre in 1976 and moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1978, where he acted in and produced several projects in the scenic arts territory. In 1981 he moved to Salvador – Bahia – where he worked as an actor at Grupo Troca de Segredos, founded Casa de Espetáculos “Circo Troca de Segredos”, that for two years performed various different music pieces portraying the Brazilian scenario.


Back in Rio de Janeiro in 1984, João performed and produced various scenic art shows in the city. From 1987 up to 1992,

he produced TV commercials and worked at TV Globo in several news programs. In 1992 he founds J.E. Produções, a company

that executed a variety of marketing films and video clips of important Brazilian artists, besides a series documentaries

for the Brazilian television.


In 1994 J.E. Produções associates to Deborah Colker and founds

the dance company that bears her name, where both are still associates.


In 1997 João founds in partnership with Belisario Franca Giros Produções, a company that in the following years would be responsible for the most important documentaries of the

Brazilian television.


From 2000 began to deal exclusively Cia de Danca Deborah Colker.