In the first act, the arms of a dancer are tied up under a tree built of 120 ropes hanging from the theater roof. The dancer is carefully air lifted. Another dancer moves inspired in horse-like movements while the company dances. Dancers and ropes intertwine. The symbolic tree is unleashed. The dancers keep on grabbing, pulling and tying each other up. The ropes give the show its name: Knot…drama created by erotic desire. Desire itself is the inspiration, motivation and soul of the coreography. The knots and ties, the loose ropes waiting to creep up. Pain and satisfaction. Violence and delicacy…metaphors of the paradox that is desire. The second act comes around: transparency and discipline. Elegance in entrapment, balance in confinement.

Creation, Choreography e Direction DEBORAH COLKER

Executive Direction JOÃO ELIAS

Musical Direction BERNA CEPPAS

Set Design e Art Direction GRINGO CARDIA


World Premiere 5 May 2005, Tanzfestival Movimentos, Wolfsburg (Germany)

Running Time 59 minutes