“The Edinburgh Festival Theatre audience cheered and whistled to applaud this dynamic dance company who express the freedom of movement with a blend of graceful sensuality and “vivacious energy.

 (Edinburg Guide, by Vivian Devlin, Edimburgh, UK, 22 May 2010)

“A slice of dance of the highest calibre coming from the ultimate school of cool. (…) Colker's piece allows dialogues and scenes to merge and wash over you. (…) Colker's rich choreography and ability to give the full bodied contemporary experience is still potent in the senses.”

(The Guardian, by Hannah Waldram, London, UK, 12 May, 2012)

“With its vernacular inflections and athletic classicism, their movement has a seductively dreamy energy and elegance. It’s a vision of romantic perfection straight out of a perfume ad. (…) It’s a stimulating piece, as ambitious as it is ambiguous, with some unforgettable images. “

(The Times, by Donald Hutera, London, UK,4 May 2010)

“While the athleticism of the dancers – and the dynamic choreography they're executing – keeps us hooked from beginning to end, Cruel has something deeper to offer. Inspired by real-life stories of Colker's dancers, the show depicts the highs and lows of relationships. From the heady moment when love first strikes, through the turbulence of domestic living, to a calm acceptance that life's tough but we have to make the best of it.”

(The Scotsman, by Kelly Apter, Edinburgh, UK, 25 de maio de 2010)

“Brazilian choreographer Deborah Colker's work never fails to surprise and thrill audiences and this latest work is as exciting as ever. With strong physicality and incredible dexterity and energy, the cast explore many facets of cruelty.”

(The Birmingham Post, by Diane Parkes, Birmingham, UK, 16 May 2010)

“Brazilian Deborah Colker is one of the world's leading choreographers. Cruel, presented in two acts, is at times a fantastic beast and at others a thing of beauty. The stunning images created with bodies in motion in the first act are breathtaking and, contrary to the image dance sometimes has, fantastically accessible.”

(The Yorkshire Post, by Nick Ahad, Yorkshire, UK, 14 May 2010)

“Colker’s dancers, carve out her steps with such love and muscle it’s impossible not to fees off their Infatuation.”

(Metro, by Keth Watson, London, UK, 1 July 2010)

“Not comfortable but impressive!”

 (The Journal, by David Whetstone, Newcastle, UK, 16 May 2010)

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