“Brazil’s Deborah Colker is not a woman to shirk a challenge. (...) And with Knot, she once again proves herself a mistress of the props, tying her dancers up in tricky variations that in lesser hands could look clunky and cumbersome. Yet Colker mines a brutal elegance from images of captivity.”

(Metro, by Keith Watson, London, UK, 28 April 2006)

“Divided into two complementary halves, Knot is Colker´s attempt to physicalise the philosophy of desire and turn it into a dynamic and tantalizing entertainment. (...)The result is both a great night out and sensual food for thought.”

(Dance Europe, by Donald Hutera, junho 2005)

“There is a lot more going on here than simply dance. Looks and touches are exchanged, at one point a playful slap on a bottom, making voyeurs of us all”

(The Daily Telegraph, by Elena Seymenliyska, London-UK, 28 Apr 2006)

“For all their sweaty physicality, though, Colker’s dances bear out her claim to be a cerebral choreographer. The stronger the concept behind a show, the richer the movement she creates for it.”

(The Sunday Times, by Clifford Bishop, London-UK, 16 April 2006)

“Colker leaps off to moves so bold no German choreographer would dare. It swings between the daring and the sultry. (...). ‘Knot’ doesn’t show any mortal desire, but rather lively trios and phenomenal quartets. Man hunts man and/or woman embraces woman. Yes, you may – is Deborah Colker’s message.”

(Der Tagesspiegel, by Sandra Luzina, Berlion, Germany, 8 May 2005)

“They dance so hauntingly well, that we’re spellbound, left staring at them like a spider at dusk. There are marvelous combinations of steps and rope games, duets and pair-dances never seen before.”

(Südddetsche Zeitung, by Arnd Wesemann, Munich, Germany, 7-8 May 2005)

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