“It could be considered Colker’s most eloquent work since her company was founded nearly two decades ago.”

(The Times, by Donald Hutera, 14 August 2012)

“’Brave’ is a word far too liberally used to describe artistic endeavours. In the case of Brazilian Deborah Colker’s 18 dancers in Tatyana (…) it is for once entirely justified.”

(The Daily Telegraph, by Mark Monahan, 13 August 2012)

“The dancing and choreography is superb. From the moment they emerge on stage and the dancers exquisitely unfurl their bodies we are mesmerized by their performance.”

(Edinburgh Guide, by Barbara Bryan, 13 August 2012)

“The source of inspiration comes from Russia, the choreography and performances hail from Brazil – and, unlike Tatyana and Eugene Onegin, this coupling achieves a thrilling and fulfilling relationship”.

(The Herald, by Mary Brennan, 12 August 2012)

“It is a work of art in its own right, with a striking conceptual and visual impact.”

(The List, by Varvara Bashkirova, 22 August 2012)

“Some choreographers get better with age, some struggle for inspiration and become jaded. Deborah Colker is most definitely one of the former.”

(The Scotsman, by Kelly Apter, 13 August 2012)

“Deborah Colker’s modern dance version of Pushkin’s verse novel Eugene Onegin is full of striking imagery.”

(The Stage, by Natasha Tripney, 13 August 2012)

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