Velox means fast in Latin.

This show is divided into 6 themes that seek vigor, vitality, precision, technical ability and mainly the idea that mechanics, daily life, sonar, mountain climbing, martial fights and sports are transformed into a choreographic movement.

Mechanics: Study the physics of movement: weight, balance, geometry, volume, space.

Routine : mixes a collection of ordinary gestures with contemporary language

Sonar: brings imbalance and questioning gravity

Mountaineering: affirms a vertical stage bringing the possibility of a new axis of vision for dance

Martial fights: in the technique of kung fu are aesthetics, breathing, control and strength

Sports: The athlete who dances. The vibration, vigor and challenge.

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Creation, Choreography e Direction DEBORAH COLKER

Executive Direction JOÃO ELIAS

Musical Direction BERNA CEPPAS

Set Design e Art Direction GRINGO CARDIA

Costumes YAMÊ REIS